Декларация за поверителност

Our most important goal is to protect your privacy each time you visit our website. The following privacy policy was created to help you understand how we collect your information, the steps we take to protect your information, and how we will use your data.

1. Your Consent for Data Collection

By using this website, you consent to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and the collection of some of your personal information. If you do not consent to this policy and do not wish to have your information recorded, stop using the website immediately.

2. Our Accountability

If you choose to register on this site, we will collect a variety of personal information from you. This information may include your name, email address, technical data about your computer and additional information. We may make note of your operating system, Internet browser, IP address and other technical details about your computer. We accept full responsibility for managing your information and will abide to the terms stated in this policy.

3. Reasons for Collecting Your Information

We collect your personal information and technical data for the following reasons:

  • To understand your needs so that we can give you a better experience while using our site.
  • To collect information for research purposes that will help us make improvements to our website.
  • To help us give you the information you want about our products and services.
  • To properly inform our visitors and customers about recent changes, including new products and services, that are available on our website or affiliated websites.
  • To grant you access to parts of the website that are not open to the general public.
  • To guide us in customizing our services and products specifically for your needs, including special advertisements that may interest you.
  • To help us protect the content, products and services that we offer on our website to our customers.
  • To discover and identify potential technical issues with our website.

Finally, we also collect some information about our site visitors without any individually identifying data specific to you. This information is used to help us grow our company and our marketing efforts, among other tasks.

4. Limits to Our Information Harvesting

We limit our collection efforts to only those tasks listed above. In addition, we do not collect information from or market our website to children younger than 13.

Each time you visit our website, a web browser cookie will be placed on your computer. Cookies help us to identify your past history with us, including purchases of our products or services. With this information, we can better serve you by offering content that you may find relevant to your needs. If you are one of our affiliates, these cookies will let us track your sales from any referrals so that you receive credit for the sale. If you choose, you can tell your browser to refuse cookies from our site. This action, however, may stop you from seeing some content on our site or receiving personal recommendations for products and services you might want.

5. Disclosure, Management and Retention

We will not lease, sell, disclose or otherwise transfer your information to another company or party.

However, please note that as our company changes and grows, we may purchase other businesses or sell our business to a third party. In addition, our business may merge with another company. In these cases, your personal information is considered a part of our company. If our website is purchased by another firm, your information may be part of the sale.

6. Security Protection

We use all means available to us to help protect your information from thieves and hackers. Your personal details, including information about your computer, will be protected.